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Vol 12 Number 1
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Schools Section
Seeing, Hearing, Touching and Controlling Your Brain Waves

Manipulate your brain waves with a variety of graphics

Applying Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology Towards Breakthroughs in Medical Diagnostics

Understanding how the brain works to better diagnose and reduce misdiagnosis of medical conditions

COVER STORY: Brain, Cognition, and Neurotechnology
Mind-Brain-Machine Interface Put to Good Use: Revolutionizing Prosthetics

For millennia, philosophers and laypersons have been intrigued by the mind-brain duality. The past century has produced an explosion of research methods to rigorously study the brain functions, from recording electrical activity of multitudes of brain cells (neurons) to imaging functioning human brain, and thus provide tools and scientific understanding to open a window into human mind.

Brands on the Brain

How neuroscience is revealing the true mind and motivations of the consumer

Behavioral Analysis in Mouse Models

Using the behavior of animal models to understand psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases

A Lifelong Journey with the Guardian of the Genome

Interview with Professor Sir David Lane

Professor Sir David Lane of A*STAR talks candidly to INNOVATION magazine about his scientific career, life in Singapore, and the future of Singapore's R&D landscape.