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Volume 3 • Number 4 (Infectious Diseases)
Schools Section
  • Singapore’s Relentless War Against Infectious Diseases
    Researchers rise to the challenge of developing diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics against infectious diseases
  • SARS Special
    Singapore Joins the SARS War — Scientists and clinicians pool their expertise and resources to fight SARS
  • A Defensive Approach to Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases
    Singapore’s defence institute works to enhance the speed and sensitivity of diagnostics for various infectious diseases of national interest
  • Busting Drug-Resistant Bugs
    Advances and measures to knock out resistant pathogens
  • Flushing out Hidden TB Bugs
    Singapore researchers pursue drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria, which kill two billion people worldwide.
  • Toxins as Educational Agents
    By studying the specific actions of deadly toxins, scientists may acquire knowledge that saves lives.
  • Blocking Fungal Proliferation in the Body
    One way to arrest candidiasis, an infection deadly to AIDS patients, is to knock out the fungus’ iron-grabbing gene.
  • The Inside Story of the Malaria Parasite
    Unravelling the mysteries of the malariacausing parasite within the cell may lead to the discovery of the elusive ultimate vaccine.
  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Understanding Sleeping Sickness and Malaria
    Biologists identify the genes that allow the parasites responsible for sleeping sickness and malaria to evade the host immune system.
  • Bioinformatics Speeds up Search for Cures
    Researchers teach computers to do largescale immunology, which is emerging as the next wave in a traditional field.
  • Developing Vaccines Against Viruses
    Johns Hopkins looks for ways to develop vaccines that will target infectious diseases endemic to Southeast Asia.
  • Combating Singapore’s Dengue Resurgence
    Public health research in Singapore could counter the re-emergence of dengue, which has affected thousands of young adults
  • Tracking West Nile Virus Replication
  • Ticking Time Bombs in the Body: Cancer-Causing Viruses
    A microbiologist who has found a receptor presenting a viral peptide probably responsible for activating nasopharyngeal carcinoma is using the knowledge to design a detection test.
  • Lilly-NUS Centre Tests Hepatitis B Drug
    Clinical trials in Singapore have produced encouraging results on a promising hepatitis B drug.
  • Clinical Trials: The Key to Safe Drugs
  • Drug Discovery the Natural Way
    More than half of today’s approved drugs are either natural products or substances related to them.
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry in Singapore
  • New Hope for a Very Personal Matter
    Current advances in erectile dysfunction research
  • Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering
    Harnessing the regenerative power innate in cells to replace tissues and organs.
  • Nano-Wafer-Level Packaging to Revolutionise Semiconductors
    Singapore may well be the seedbed for a new generation of chips produced with nanopackaging in wafer fabrication
  • DARPA Expert Looks Beyond MEMS
    A former DARPA programme manager shares intelligence on cutting-edge research in the defence arena.
  • Editorial
    Battling infectious diseases on multiple fronts.
  • In Brief
    Innovation highlights in various fields.
  • Industry Updates
    Significant industry developments worldwide.
  • Viewpoint
    A psychologist looks at some of the measures Singapore adopted in its fight against SARS that can help the nation maintain its preparedness for possible subsequent outbreaks.
  • Spotlight
    Sir Paul Nurse, 2001 Nobel laureate in medicine, talks about the potential rewards of working in basic research
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